It’s Not Just A Cleanup, Its A Movement!

The Story Behind Our Movement

Sisterbaby Solutions statement at the NAACP’s Annual Community Festival of Peace

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We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

“We are the change we have been waiting for.” ~ Barack Obama


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Young Volunteer

Join The Movement. Join Us In Healing Our Community

Educational Material

Read, Watch, or Listen Here you will find resources to help you understand why Sisterbaby Solutions focus is on cleansing out mind

Partnership and Community

Resources, links and partners

Volunteerism and Advocation

Join the movement, became a member of Sisterbaby Solutions. Learn more about our goals and aims.

Collaborating Partners

Below is a link to our partners and sponsors

Our Key Priorities

How we can make a positive change in how our community looks.  Step to beautify our communities.

Clean Communities

Clean Communities

Making Our Communities a Clean and Decent Place to LIVE

Clean Environment

Clean Environment

Clean communities lead to a happy and productive enviroment

Ecosystem: Urban Gardens

Ecosystem: Urban Gardens

Restoring the land to life to give life.

Our Campaign

Our areas of focus

Healing our minds

Steps to heal our minds

Cleaning Communities

Here is how we clean communities

Benefits of a Clean community

Here are the benefits of a a clean community

Cleaning Committee

How to form a cleaning committee in your neighborhood.

Become Our Volunteer

Join the Movement!

Be a part of the revitalization and restoration of our communities

News & Update

Read the latest news and updates for Sisterbaby Solutions

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